What is a Web App?

One of the most popular questions we get asked is “what is a web app?” These days everyone knows what a phone application is. Even computer programs are now called ‘apps’. The distinction between a website and a web app can be a bit cloudy- and we are here to clear away confusion.

First, phone applications are just that, programs for your mobile device: they are loaded onto a mobile device for use on that device- or even synced across multiple devices. The keyword here is loaded: if you do not download it onto your device, you cannot access the app.

A web application can be accessed through any browser and does not need to be downloaded from an app store. Examples of web apps include webmail, eCommerce tools, sales tools, and cloud-based spreadsheets and document creators. They can be accessed online or offline, depending on the type of application and the needs that it serves.

We create web applications for businesses to streamline the way they do business. Whether cutting down on paper waste, time to close a sale, or making it easier for their customers to do work with them, we help our clients do business more efficiently with the use of web applications. Our clients will describe their processes and ways of doing business; we help them find ways to iron out systems and we work together to devise an application to make their business better.

Contact us to see if we can streamline your business or make doing business easier for you or your customers.